We encourage Sandwell businesses to apply for the King’s Awards

Put your Black Country business forward for the King’s Awards for Enterprise: sign up for our masterclass on Thursday 23 May.

KMB Shipping, the Tipton-based company of Sandwell Business Ambassador Paul Hull, was a winner in the International Trade category at the 2021 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. (The awards have been renamed the King’s Awards for Enterprise in honour of His Majesty King Charles III). That year, KMB was one of 205 organisations nationally to be recognised with this most prestigious of business awards, and the only one in Sandwell. 

Go for the King’s Awards

Celebrating in black tie with sparkly background are Queen's Award winners Kevin Jones, Paul Hull and Jamie Warren - owners of KMB Shipping

Left to right: Kevin Jones, Paul Hull and Jamie Warren – owners of KMB Shipping

Paul encourages other Black Country businesses to apply for the King’s Awards for Enterprise.

He said: “Sometimes we don’t shout loud enough about the talent and innovation present in our region – it’s time to put modesty aside and go for it.”

So to give your business a head start, we’ve put together this page of resources with help from Sandwell Business Ambassador John Wood.

John is a Deputy Lieutenant for the West Midlands. This means he has been appointed as a deputy by the Lord Lieutenant, who is the King’s personal representative in our region.

About the King’s Awards for Enterprise

Judged to demanding standards, the King’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious business prizes around. They are given each year for outstanding achievement by UK businesses in the categories of:

Even in times of relative stability and normality, winning a King’s Award can be transformative for a company. So during this time of economic difficulty, securing such a prize could be more valuable than ever for your West Midlands firm.

Take a look at the King’s Awards official blog for  further inspiration.

You can also download the King’s Awards for Enterprise brochure for West Midlands businesses, published in 2023.

If you win an award, it will be presented at your company by a Lord Lieutenant, one of the King’s representatives. You also get permission to fly the King’s Awards flag at your main offices, and use the official emblem on your marketing materials.

If your business wins a King’s Award you will also receive a Grant of Appointment (an official certificate) and a commemorative crystal trophy. Finally, you will benefit from press coverage and great kudos from customers and suppliers.

A King’s Award is valid for five years.

The King’s Awards are free to enter and you can apply for more than one award.

Eligibility to apply for a King’s Award

You can register for an account to find out when applications are invited for the 2025 King’s Awards for Enterprise. (The application window tends to open in May and close in September.)

To be eligible to apply for a King’s Award for Enterprise, your organisation must:

Your company can be a business or non-profit organisation.

Each of the four award categories has additional entry criteria. To find out more, visit the official website. You can also contact the King’s Awards Helpline on 020 7215 6880 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

‘All sizes of companies can win’

John Wood DL has recorded this short (just over one minute) video to tell you more about the application process – and the benefits of winning:

How to apply for a King’s Award

See the forms and follow the rules at the government website.

Top tips for your King’s Award application

John said: “It is best that the applications are completed by someone in your company who knows the business intimately and can express themselves with passion and enthusiasm that will be obvious to the assessor.”

He also shared five top tips with us for compiling a winning entry. They are:

1. Be prepared to put time, effort and careful planning into your application. John estimates around 50 hours of work.
2. Understand your business and its markets – use existing information such as mission statements and budgets.
3. Apply a VIVA approach: vision, innovation, values, achievements.
4. Be clear, concise and accurate in your application. Be passionate but back up your claims with evidence.
5. Have someone external to the process check your submission.

And definitely sign up for our masterclass on Thursday 23 May!

Further support with the King’s Awards 

For additional support with your King’s Award application, contact the West Midlands Lieutenancy office.

You can also get consultant’s support with your King’s Award application, for a fee. Here are some organisations which offer that service; we share them with no recommendation as to whether or not you should use them:

Dr Denise Taylor
Wylde Connections
01926 754061

Mr Chris Robinson
Boost Awards
01273 258703

See also the King’s Award for the voluntary sector:

The King’s Awards for Voluntary Service – the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK.

We last updated this page in April 2024.


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