How to win public-sector contracts (and why you should go for them)

In business, bidding for public-sector contracts has many benefits – including a transparent evaluation process. Winning a public-sector contract guarantees work and often more favourable payment terms. It also means you get a buyer who won’t go out of business.

With the UK facing a lengthy recession, the Sandwell Business Ambassadors encourage you to go for local and national public-sector contracts.

We’ve created a resource page showing how you can put your business in a good position for winning public-sector contracts.

Our public-sector contract resource page tells you:

1. The key websites you should register with to receive alerts about public-sector opportunities in your industry.

2. Why considering ‘social value’ could make your business more successful in a tendering situation.

3. How to share your successes and challenges in order to:
a) showcase your work
b) inspire other businesses
c) help the tendering process become smoother and more transparent in the future.

Why are we so passionate about Sandwell businesses winning public-sector work?

When Sandwell companies win more contracts, the boost to their business helps to create and sustain jobs in our borough, raising aspirations and improving livelihoods and the wellbeing of local people.

Thriving businesses put more money back into Sandwell’s local economy. The business rates they pay can be reinvested into public services and amenities.

Sandwell Council actively wants to award more work to local suppliers. As Ambassadors, we work closely with Sandwell’s cabinet members and council officers in focus groups to see how we can all reduce the barriers facing both buyers and suppliers.

For an example of great practice from a local authority and partners using their spending power to benefit local communities, read up on the Preston Model.

>> Go to our new public-sector contracts resource page.


The Ambassadors are a collective of business people in the Sandwell area with the aim of supporting the Sandwell Business Community.

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