‘A responsible and informed voice’: Sandwell Business Ambassadors sign new charter

The Sandwell Business Ambassadors have signed a charter to show our commitment to local businesses and inclusive growth.

Sandwell Council launched the Sandwell Business Ambassadors programme in 2016 to combine the strengths of prominent businesspeople in the borough.

The collective purpose of the Ambassadors is to:

Support and represent Sandwell businesses, on issues that matter to our borough’s business community, with the aim of building inclusive economic growth that benefits every resident and business in Sandwell.

Being a Sandwell Business Ambassador is a voluntary role. The Ambassadors attend monthly meetings with Sandwell Council, and we carry out Ambassador work in addition to our normal jobs.

The Sandwell Business Ambassadors charter

To keep our collaborative efforts focused, we have set out our shared values in a new charter. The document shows the Ambassadors’ commitment to being a responsible and informed collective voice for the Sandwell business community and working together to boost local:

Aspirations – for individuals and businesses
Employment and skills – fostering a culture of learning and development
Spend – retaining money in the area to invest in our communities.

By signing the charter, we also show our willingness to carry out constructive lobbying of local government for the interests of Sandwell businesses.

Alan Taylor [pictured below, with Anjali Agrawal] is chair of the Sandwell Business Ambassadors. He said signing the charter was a good opportunity for the Ambassadors to agree their values and continue to work towards shared goals.

Alan Taylor and Anjali Agrawal signing the Sandwell Business Ambassadors' charter, with an SBA poster in the background

“We are all behind Sandwell Council’s priority in striving for inclusive growth. That is the idea that economic growth should benefit not only businesses but people and communities too. This charter is a tangible way for us to show our collective commitment to building this ‘community wealth’.

“It also gives us as Sandwell Business Ambassadors – and as prominent local business representatives – a guide to achieving it. For example, by supporting the creation of jobs and the preservation of skills, by promoting local spend and by being and seeking to work with responsible buyers.”

You can read the Sandwell Business Ambassadors’ charter here:

Main picture, from left to right at Smethwick Council House in May 2024:

Jessica Lewis, Assistant Director of External Engagement & Skills at Sandwell College.

Brian Cape, Chief Executive of SIPS Education.

Stephanie Sullivan, Head of Marketing at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce [standing in for Siân Roberts].

Elaine Bruce, Finance Manager at H&R ChemPharm.

Chris Reynolds, Procurement Strategy Officer at Sandwell Council.

Bevil Williams, founder and CEO of Repc Ltd.

Chris Hinson, independent Sandwell Business Ambassador.

Shokat Lal, Chief Executive of Sandwell Council.

Nicy Morgan, Sandwell Anchor Network Coordinator at Sandwell Council.

Paul Hull, founder and co-owner of KMB Shipping Group.

Lisa Nicholson, Commercial Director of GMS Group.

John Wood DL, Director of Group Corporate Services at Liberty Engineering Group.

Anjali Agrawal, Managing Director of CMT Engineering.

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The Ambassadors are a collective of business people in the Sandwell area with the aim of supporting the Sandwell Business Community.

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