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Who funds the Sandwell Business Ambassadors programme?

Being a Sandwell Business Ambassador is a voluntary role. Ambassadors attend meetings and carry out Ambassador work in addition to their normal jobs and running their own organisations, without a fee.

The programme has a modest budget for editorial content and social media communications (usually 10-20 hours per month) which is paid for by the council.

What is the Sandwell Business Ambassador programme?

Sandwell Council launched the Sandwell Business Ambassadors (SBA) programme in 2016. The aim is to utilise the strengths of prominent local businesspeople to support Sandwell’s growth.

Sandwell Business Ambassadors are high-level representatives from Black Country organisations who act as advocates for other businesses within the borough.

Together we want to see – wherever possible – local businesses benefiting from contracts stemming from local development and regeneration projects.

The Ambassadors promote other responsible business practices (such as inclusivity and diversity in recruitment, efforts to bridge skills gaps, and nurturing employee wellbeing) with the hope their influence will not only boost business success in Sandwell, but support people and communities too.

What is the purpose of Sandwell Business Ambassadors?

The Sandwell Business Ambassadors voluntarily and independently voice the interests of Sandwell businesses and promote responsible business practices. Our purpose is to support and represent Sandwell businesses, on issues that matter to our borough’s business community, with the aim of building inclusive economic growth that benefits every resident and business in Sandwell.

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